Mercenaries Dragon Build by elm0 (12029 MMR)

Proof elm0

Starting Comp:
Nefarian (2) – Trigore (2) – Valeera (3)
Cairne (3) – Long’xin (3) – Tyrande (2)

I do this after watching latest GrumiHS Stream on Twitch to proofe, that there actually IS a meta right now beside Kazagore and Frost-Gore Decks.
The strat is to get as much killed with your opening Mercs as possible, before you try to get them all killed at the same time. Key is to get at least Long’xin and Tyrande on board surrounded by Valeera or Cairne for Speed. If it happens and if the opponent has at least 1 Red on Board, you’ll probably kill his board in one turn. Use Cairnes Speed, Tyrandes 3rd Skill and Long’xins 1st Skill. Normally the red dies to 1st shot from Long’xin alone. But the 2nd shot also will target the “dead red” and the overlapping dmg has the bugged counting as the double dmg from the red.
Otherwise you also can try to get something chainkilled with Tyrandes 2nd Skill.
This Deck is not my own creation, I faced ZePeKeYoM on Ladder playing this and actually got stomped.
This Deck is realy strong against any kind of Frostdeck. Only real weakness is against classic Kazagore Comp.

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