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Some months ago Hearthstone released their own Card Library, so you can search on their offical website for cards.

In the past you needed third party tools like the Decktracker to show others your decks, now you can use the offcial website.

As you can see in the video (Source Music), it’s very easy to use: Simply add a deck code or build the deck yourself. If you copy the URL you can send to link to a friend, in my example a german user. The person sees the decklist in their language, making it easy to share lists.

You can get some more info, for example in this video I looked for cards made by Artist Daarken.

You can see the Hero Power and the Mana Curve for the deck as in many other tools.

Sadly the Deckbuilder hasn’t an option to directly make a screenshot of the decklist (like in Decktracker). Also with Highlander lists the tool has some problems, to fully see the decklist I need to zoom out.

Overall I would say I good tool, that could be better tho.

Test the tool yourself:

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