Are there alternative servers coming for Hearthstone?

Hearthstone Server Selection

In a recent update to the client, an option was added to not only select the Region to play Hearthstone on but also a server.

Currently, the community discusses if this was just an update with no meaning or if new Servers are coming in the future.

I will list some options below, but in the end, all we can do is speculate. What would you like to see on a new Server?

What Might come?

» Tournament Mode

Remember back in 2018 when it got announced they stopped working on a Tournament Mode?

[bluepost] Hearthstone: In the Works – September 18, 2018

Earlier this year we talked about adding a new feature to Hearthstone that would make it easier to organize tournaments for Fireside Gatherings and private events. The team has been working on this feature for some time, and it was originally slated to arrive this year. Unfortunately, In-game Tournaments are now on hold, so we wanted to take this opportunity to explain why. […] As a result, while we want to revisit In-Game Tournaments at a later date, the feature is on hold for the foreseeable future. [/bluepost]

Why do we still think this might be a possibility? In an Interview Senior Game Designer, Dean Ayala gave to Hearthpwn about Battlegrounds he told us some details about a Lobby System for the Gamemode.

[bluepost] Dean Ayala Interview

There’s just a bunch of features that we want to do first, like for instance getting 8 player lobbies, so you can queue up with your friends, but also for organizers outside of Blizzard to also make their own tournaments and broadcast those for people to watch. So that’s really the first feature. We’d love to do more, but that’s going to take some time. [/bluepost]

» Alternative Gamemodes

With the rise of the popularity of the new Gamemode Battlegrounds viewers on Twitch complained that they should separate the modes there, but also some others wanted that the game itself would be entirely separated by Hearthstone – they want it to be a standalone game.

There is also a New Game Mode announced in Phase 2, so it could make sense to put them into an alternative server, right?

We don’t think so! For Battlegrounds Hearthstone’s Game Director Ben Lee and Production Director Nathan Lyons-Smith shared some insights in an interview with InvenGlobal:

[bluepost] Interview with InvenGlobal

Question: Hearthstone Battlegrounds has received a lot of support and it’s super successful. It almost feels like Hearthstone basically has another game in it. What does the future for Battlegrounds hold? Is it ever going to be a standalone game?

Lee: Making a new client is not something we feel is necessary. We want to keep players in Hearthstone. Asking them to download a new game is probably not a great player experience. The way we see player behavior is that there is a bunch of people who like to engage in multiple things. When we release something new they’ll play it, and then traditionally go back to playing Standard. For some people, Battlegrounds has become their main mode. That’s great, and we’re happy about that. For us, engagement and gameplay fun are the key things. If players are coming to the game, are having fun, and stick with it, we’re super happy. [/bluepost]

The new game mode which we be published in Phase 2 of the Year of the Phoenix will allow you to use cards from the current game. We don’t see why they would publish a new Server just for this – they answered a question related to it in a recent Ask me Anything.

[bluepost] Hearthstone Ask me Anything

The new game mode coming later this year will allow you to use cards from older and newer sets. Currently, we aren’t putting any restrictions on which sets can be played within it, and there might even be some cool hidden secrets for using some of the older cards 😉. – Ben[/bluepost]

» Public Test Server

Wouldn’t it be cool if the community could help to test upcoming card nerfs or test if new cards will be too strong?

While the idea might sound good, the community seems to be having big problems – This could result in a solved meta before the changes or new cards are even live and can result in less hype – here we showcasing a Reddit post that got over 6k upvoted.

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