Hearthstone Story Solo Adventure just launched: Trial by Felfire


Join Aranna Starseeker and her band of misfit outcasts as they take on Mecha-Jaraxxus and his dreaded Rusted Legionin the Trial by Felfire Solo Adventure! All five chapters of the Solo Adventure are available on June 17, followed a week later by Trial by Felfire Challenges, where you’ll construct your own decks to face a grueling gauntlet of the most powerful bosses Outland has to offer.

The best part of it: It’s free!

The story adventure is pretty epic. Like, it made us cry when we did the first rehearsal. Anyway, if you beat it, you’ll get the Rusted Legion Card Back! WICKED!!

» Trailer

» Trail by Felfire

» I. A World in Ruin

» II. To the Black Temple

» III. To be a Demon Hunter

» IV. Battle of Outland

» V. The Final Test

» Reward

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